CEO & Co-Founder of Jewelr


Natalie Whitmore is the CEO and co-founder at Jewelr. She's worked in jewelry for many years and is considered the jack of trades of the industry. Her skills include marketing and design, jewelry photography, diamond grading, custom designing jewelry, appraisals, inventory management, sales, creating and running an entire wholesale division of a company, and much more. She has literally touched almost every aspect of the industry, which makes her knowledge invaluable to making Jewelr a success. Pair that with her design and software experience and she is a force to be reckoned with. 

As CEO of Jewelr, she is the visionary of the software platform. Helping create each user experience within the portal intuitive, informative, and innovative. Each page is hand designed by her. Clean, simple designs make's the user experience better with each use. She also brings a new sector to the industry that no one has done yet, automation. Things that will save each position in the store precious time and more importantly, money. Each element has a distinct well thought out process. If it seems like it doesn't serve a purpose to make the end user experience better, it gets thrown out. No more bulky software that does more than it needs. This is jewelry simplified. 


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