Not only for retailer jewelers, the Jewelr platform works for both wholesalers and manufacturers too! 

Because when we all work together, we make everything that much better!

What makes us different? Glad you asked! A LOT does. We had you in mind every step of the way, because we were in your shoes. Our CEO not only worked in retail, but also wholesale. So we know your everyday struggles.


Here are a few, yes we said a few, of the time and money saving features we offer.

  • Automated Appraisals, Repair Tickets, and more time saving automations.

  • Step by Step Repair Intake Processes that helps eliminates repair misquotes.

  • Hand written memos? Not anymore. With one click, memo items are automatically in your system, and put on the customer. No more losing inventory, or having to spend a lot of time entering it. We got smart about it. 

  • Secret pricing codes? No longer needed with 'Client View' technology. Quickly, toggle off to see exactly what the cost, profit margins, and gross profit are. Then turn on again to be client facing. Simple as that. 

  • Complete store visibility. Know everything thats going on within your 'Recent Activities' section. Every sale, every repair, every inventory entry. You never have to wonder again what's happening in your store. 

  • Everyone has a wishlist, but do they have 'Suggestions'??? Based on a customers previous purchase history, we make suggestions on what they will love next! And we have automation that sends them that info! Selling just got so much easier! 

  • We work on Mac and PC. The choice is now yours. We also work on cell phones and tablets.


From bench to bookkeeping, we cover every facet of your business.

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Providing White Glove Service


Facets Members

This highly exclusive membership gives early access to the software and discounts that will never be available ever again.


Customer Support

We are here when you need us the most. Especially during the holidays!

Data Migration

We offer migration services for the following:


Clientele & their purchase history



Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

Each user has their own login. Which means you as the owner have the flexibility to set what each person can see and do within the organization. Sales will love this custom view because they can quickly access all of their clients, send SMS notifications regarding sales, repairs, etc, and more! 

Accessible from All Locations

Because we are cloud based, you can take your business anywhere you are. So go to the convention, or take that vacation. Work can wait, but will be there in seconds if you need it to be. 

We've Come a Long Way

The Story of Jewelr

In 2013, while working for a wholesale diamond business, an epic tragedy happened. My work computer completely died on me. There was no coming back for this critical partner in crime of mine. I lost all my bookmarks, saved files, contact information, everything that made my job, MY JOB! But tragedies can have happy ending’s right? Getting a new computer is always somewhat exciting? I couldn’t have been more wrong. “Look on eBay”, my boss said. “You need to find to a computer that runs on 16-bit.” I responded with a shockingly, “Wait what?” Needless to say, I ended up with an older computer than what I previously had and to top it off, it had to be modified just to RUN! It was a nightmare that just wasn’t sustainable.


That was the first sign.




What Jewelers are Saying

Once you see it, you can't stop thinking about it.

“ I recently sat in on a demo of Jewelr's software and was blown away.”

“I can't stop thinking about how Jewelr will decrease the amount of time I need to spend training new hires.”

“Jewelr creates a process by which associates can create targeted product outreach strategies to promote repeat business.”

Teresa M.

Ray G.

Jonathon K.


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