CEO & Co-Founder of Jewelr

Natalie Whitmore knows that software can make or break successful jewerly stores.

Natalie is the CEO and co-founder of Jewelr. Before co-creating Jewelr in early spring of 2019, she worked in the jewelry industry for several years and was responsible for almost all aspects the industry had to offer, including wholesale, retail, marketing and design, custom design jewelry, appraisals, inventory management, sales, and billing. 

Prior to co-founding Jewelr, Natalie was a Migration Specialist at Tangoe. She was responsible for building and creating custom portal instances for high end clients including LinkedIn, ExxonMobil, and more.


Natalie attended college at Holy Cross in Notre Dame, Ball State and the Art Institute learning skills in graphic design, marketing, photography and journalism. 

As CEO of Jewelr, she is one of four unique visionaries of the software platform. Helping create each user experience within the portal intuitive, informative, and innovative. 


Tel: 317-973-0195

Zionsville, IN 46077

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