The Story of Jewelr

Natalie Whitmore


In 2013, while working for a wholesale diamond business, an epic tragedy happened. My work computer completely died on me. There was no coming back for this critical partner in crime of mine. I lost all my bookmarks, saved files, contact information, everything that made my job, MY JOB! But tragedies can have happy ending’s right? Getting a new computer is always somewhat exciting? I couldn’t have been more wrong. “Look on eBay”, my boss said. “You need to find to a computer that runs on 16-bit.” I responded with a shockingly, “Wait what?” Needless to say, I ended up with an older computer than what I previously had and to top it off, it had to be modified just to RUN! It was a nightmare that just wasn’t sustainable. That was the first sign.


A few years later I switched from wholesale diamonds to retail jewelry. I took a position as someone who wore a million hats; sales, marketing, inventory, the list goes on. The software we used was so complicated, it had to have a training manual thicker than largest dictionary I’d ever seen. NO person could get through it. The jewelry industry doesn’t have time for that. Heck, no industry has time for that. I was lucky if I got an hour of training on the software, if at all. Afterwards I was on my own and I will tell you right now, this software was NOT user friendly. Especially for some of the older salespeople on the team. I would constantly be helping them try to figure things out. During the holiday season, if they didn’t get it, and I didn’t have time to help, their customer would leave the store along with the sale. This shouldn’t be happening to anyone that depends on commissions to live. They would just end up in tears some nights over it. This was top of the line software at the time and users should be able to pick it up and use it right away, right? Nope. That was the second sign.


I left that retail store to work at a private retail office. Here, there was no jewelry software. Just a hodgepodge of at least 8 different programs all trying to do what one simple software program should do. We had one just for repairs, one for sales, 3 for marketing, and a few more that I can’t even remember why we had them. They all, of course, had different user names and passwords, making it even more complicated to navigate. What a mess!


When we started up a wholesale division, I started to see a lot of my old clients again. After catching up, I started getting the question, “Natalie, have you used this software before? How about this one? Which do you prefer? Would you take some time to train me on this one if I got it?”. By now it was clear to me there was just no software out there that is user friendly, simple, all-encompassing, and made just for the jewelry industry.


Fast forward a couple years. I left the jewelry industry to work for a software company. Here I met Richard. We got to talking one day about our entrepreneurial endeavors. He about his app and mine, a program made just for jewelers, by a former jeweler, myself. Something that worked for everyone, big and small. He turned to me and said, “Lets do it!” I said, “Really? Because with your business acumen and my knowledge of the industry and its needs… we could do something pretty great! You sure?” “Yes!”  And that is when Jewelr was born.

Natalie Whitmore   

Co-Founder of Jewelr


Tel: 317-973-0195

Zionsville, IN 46077

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