In order: Shawn, Steven, Natalie & Richard the 4 co-founders of Jewelr.

Richard Crowe

President, COO & Co-Founder

Natalie Whitmore

CEO & Co-Founder

Steven Ulmer

CTO & Co-Founder

Shawn Plew

CIO & Co-Founder

Natalie has spent years on both sides of the jewelry industry—business and artistry—from sales, marketing, and billing, to design, and working closely with discerning clients who appreciate artistic designs.


Before co-founding Jewelr, Natalie served Tangoe, Inc., as a Business Analyst, creating customized portal instances for national firms including LinkedIn, ExxonMobil, and many more.


Knowing that software can make or break a business, Natalie solved a leading issue in the jewelry industry: customized software that really works. Jewelr is user-friendly, portal-intuitive, informative, and efficient.


Natalie has studied graphic design, marketing, photography, and journalism at Holy Cross Junior College, Ball State University, and The Art Institute.

Known nationally for his creative mind, Richard has worked in Software as a Service (Saas) applications, or, cloud-based ‘on-demand software,’ for over six years. 


Now he’s turned his formidable sights to another artistic industry:  jewelry software.


Richard’s commitment to excellence has shaped Jewelr’s core values:  Collaborate, Captivate, Celebrate, and Connect, with people inside the jewelry industry. He’s found a way to fuse innovative business practices that allow self-employed designers and artists, in smaller and larger companies, to focus on their clients instead of software headaches.


Richard holds a Bachelor of Music Business with Honors from McNally Smith College of Music.

As an industry leader in software development, Steven’s background includes an eclectic blend of projects and platforms, ranging from Telecom Management Systems to Sports Tracking software.


At Jewelr, Steven’s responsibilities include ensuring the technology lives up to client expectations, and the company’s core values of efficiency and reliability. 


Renown software engineer Grady Booch once said, “The function of a good software is to make the complex appear to be simple.” That’s the vision Steven has for Jewelr:  take the complexity out of the jewelry industry, and present clients with a simple and intuitive system which addresses challenges all jewelry businesses share.


Steven holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and Systems from Taylor University.

Before launching Jewelr, Shawn was an Engineering Manager at Tangoe, Inc (formerly MOBI Wireless Management.)

 Shawn believes that in a successful business there are no surprises, and takes a results-oriented approach to leadership which relies on communication, trust, and teamwork.


In 2018, Shawn received the Indy Hackers Community Member of the Year award, recognizing his contributions to the local tech community in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was also nominated as one of Indianapolis Business Journal's 40 Under 40 in that same year.


Shawn earned a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Science from Indiana University, and a Certificate of Applied Computer Sciences from Purdue University. He serves as President of the Purdue School of Science at IUPUI Alumni Board. ​